As home dinning becomes the new going out, Dulwich Lyceum ‘to go’ responds to a call for one thing that will never change – the need to commune over delicious, inspiring food, prepared by passionate chefs that love what they do.

To complete the experience, we are also offering a selection of our wines and bespoke ‘finish-at-home’ cocktails.

Now, more than ever, we thank you for choosing to dine with us (at home).

Our system is simple


We will be delivering Wednesday to Sunday.


Order online between 12-3pm, or call us on 0208 670 5837 to place your order and pay over the phone and choose between collection or delivery. Orders after this time can be emailed to [email protected] and we will contact you the following day for payment and agree delivery.


We will deliver to your doorstep, contact-free between 5pm and 7pm Weds to Sat (4.30-5.30 on Sundays) . Alternatively If you wish to combine your daily exercise with a quick and safe collection your meal will be safely prepared and waiting for you between 4.30pm and 7pm Weds to Sat and 4.30-7 on Sunday.

When you're ready to eat, simply follow the easy steps, included with your delivery, on how to best warm up or dress your meal as required.



Dine at home menu

Our cuisine encompasses the most subtle and punchy flavours evolved over centuries in eastern Mediterranean culture.

Small Dishes

Large tub of strained Greek yoghurt, cucumber, fresh lemon juice, Cretan olive oil
£5 v

Baba ghanoush
Charred aubergine, tahini, lemon juice and spices
£5.5 vg

Chickpeas, tahini, lemon, spices, olive oil, sweet red peppers and pine nuts
£5.5 vg

White taramasalata
Cold-smoked North Sea cod roe, lemon, bread, onion, Cretan olive oil


Cherry tomatoes, anthotyro cheese, broad beans, Nicois olives, dakos croutons
£7.5 v

Tenderstem brocolli, green olives, garlic, chillies, pine nuts, sesame oil and pomegranate molasses
£7.5 vg

Roasted peppers, chickpeas, feta and rocket salad
£7.5 v

Lentils, home pickles and roasted courgettes
£8.5 vg

New season asparagus, Jersey Royal potatoes, soft boiled hen’s egg, anchovies and fresh herbs

Marinated octopus, new potatoes, parsley, capers and fresh herbs
£10 f

Large Dishes

Spinach, feta and phyllo pie
£10 v

Imam Bayildi
Oven-baked aubergine and sweet red pepper stuffed with raisins, pine nuts and Egyptian rice
£12 vg

Slow-cooked layers of peppers, onions, aubergine, pepper and tomato topped with bechamel and Cretan Graviera cheese
£13 v

Slow-cooked shoulder of Welsh lamb
with gigantes lamb shoulder seasoned with oregano, cumin, lemon and herbs. Slow-roasted and served with a casserole of Greek butter beans, garlic and harissa


Greek custard pie with semolina custard, phyllo, and lemon zest dusted with cinnamon and icing sugar

Sourdough doughnuts crisp-fried in sunflower oil, tossed in spiced sugar and served with date molasses, chocolate, and tahini Nutella)

Please inform us of any allergies you may have we make every effort to prepare our dishes free from cross-over allergens but are unable to guarantee no trace of them in any of our dishes.



Tbilvino 'Iveriuli'
2018 Rkatsiteli, Georgian Valleys, (Kakheti, Georgia) - Honey, cilrus and quince aromas wilh a creamy palate and peppery finish

Asprolithi 2018
Roditis, Rouvalis Winery (Patras, Greece) - Good acidity, distinctive minerality with citrus, straw and apple notes

San Gerasimo
2019 Robola (Cephalonia, Greece) notes of peach jam with aromas of rosemary and jasmine flowers

2018 Assyrtiko-Athiri (Chios, Greece) distinctly crisp with notes of fresh pears and a flinty finish

2018 Vidiano, Douloufakis, (Crete, Greece) - Apricot, bergamot and lime blossom notes with a buttery finish and full body

Volacus 2017
Malagouzis (Falatados, Greece) explosively aromatic and herbaceous, aromas of apricot and grapefruit, good acidity and a long finish


Cantina Bernardi Prosecco (Refrontolo, Italy)


Rapsani 2016
Xinomavro-Krassato-Stavroto, Tsantali Winery (Halkidiki, Greece) elegant and velvety on the palate, aromas of dried cherry and raspberry with a mellow finish

Kanenas 2018
Syrah - Mavroudi, Tsantali, (Halkidiki Greece) - Full body, with wild berry, chocolate and oak notes, complex and rich

Jeunes Vignes 2018
Xinomavro Thymiopoulos Vineyards, (Naoussa, Greece) - Small red berries, herbs and spice, medium body with rounded tannins

Dafnios 2017
Liatiko, Douloufakis (Crete, Greece) - Spice, nuts, leather and raisins with a medium body and soft, ripe tannins


We have created a selection of bespoke premixed seasonal cocktails designed to be shared by simply adding ice and following the simple, included, finishing instructions.

Mediterranean Negroni (for 2)
Gin, Suze Bitters, Vermouths, Lavender & Rosemary Blossom, Citrus oils

Elderflower Spritz (for 2)
Gin, Elderflower, Oregano, Tonic, Biller Orange

Aegean Old Fashioned (for 2)
Melaxa, Rum, Mastiha, Lemon & Thyme

Anise Fizz (for 2)
Vodka, Lemon, Bergamot & Mandarin, Tonic, Ouzo

STIN IYIA MAS! (cheers!)

Collection Address: Dulwich Lyceum, 7 Croxted Road SE21 8SZ